Sunday, August 16, 2009

So a couple of guys sitting at a local bar were over heard complaining about how the guy that owns the new bait shop needs to sort his leeches. What didn't these guys understand about the sign that hangs above the leech tank that explains the leeches are a large and medium mix? Not to mention that I let anyone who is buying leeches know that it's at the end of the season for leeches and this is how they are being sold. It rubs me the wrong way when there's people out there that are basically accusing you of trying to cheat them or sell them something that's not what you say it is and telling others about it. Oh well. We're so thankful for the wonderful customers that we do have and they know that we're running an honest business here.
The fish bite is still quite active with all aspects of bait being productive. It's a rainy day today but we are all welcoming the badly needed moisture.
We're really looking forward to expanding the store and adding the line of beer and provisions next week. Let's hope we can get our SBA loan. Watch for our web site and online store coming soon.
Have a great day and....Fish Your Buns Off!!

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