Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm sitting amongst a pile of sawdust and cutoff boards as a result of our little remodeling project yesterday. The new beer cooler is in place next to the worm fridge and quietly awaits the delivery of our first beer order tomorrow. Beer at a bait shop? We're thinking it'll be good for biz.
The weather is great if you're a duck. I walked over here this morning at 6a.m. in the rain and I'll probably walk back in it at 6p.m. With the lake levels at what they're at I'm not hearing to many people complain. Except maybe the guys down at the prop repair shop. They love it when there's a drought. We can expect more of the same tomorrow but the weekend looks quite promising. After this front moves through the fishing should be very good.
The Sucker remains at large much to the dismay of our local Musky guides. The heat last week really took its toll on their favorite bait at this time of year. I've also got some unhappy customers that are without their favorite walleye or northern morsels. There's definitley something wrong when sports are leaving our store with empty minnow buckets. Maybe next week.
Back to the shop vac!
Stay dry, God Bless and ...Fish Your Buns Off!!

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