Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a cold, wet, gloomy day here in the upnorth. I call it the upnorth because "northwoods" is so worn out. Although it is what it is. Our mighty and loving God called grandma home early this morning so the weather seems appropriate. I'm grateful that we all had a chance last week to have some private time with her. What a nice lady. I was probably closer to her as a mother figure than any other except my own of course but I lost her in 1967. You'll be missed Dolores. Thanks for everything. I'm certain that there's a big party in heaven going on right now because Judy and grandpa have been waiting patiently.
Sold 3 minnow buckets yesterday and was thankful for that seeing as how the game fishing season has ended until May 1st. This rain is going to play havoc on the ice conditions so I feel that this season is coming to a close. Yea it just feels like a "coming to a close" kind of day. Ho hum.....
Stay dry. Tell your mom you love her, God bless and.......Fish Your Buns Off!