Monday, August 17, 2009

The crappies and muskies are hittin' so if you're thinking of coming up fishing, now would be a good time. When you're here make sure you head over to The Beechmoor Lounge on Whitefish Lake. Sit out on the deck that overlooks the lake and have Darlene's Reuben sandwich. YUM! We did that last night after a long weekend of selling worms and such. It's so relaxing.
After the much needed rain yesterday it looks like today is going to be another wonderful day in paradise. Sunny and a high in the lower 80's I believe. Although, the warm temps are having an affect on the sucker population as far as bait is concerned which doesn't sit well with the customers. Looks like we'll be without any Walleye, Northern or Musky suckers again. My customers tell me to look for another supplier but I think it's the same all over the area. We were able to scrounge up another batch of leeches but the supply is dwindling there too. Better get them while you can.
Have a great day, God Bless and.....Fish Your Buns Off!!

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