Saturday, August 22, 2009

The fact that this blog is so late in the day can only mean one thing. That I'm going to be late for my own funeral? No. It was crazy busy today. Besides the fact that all the families with school aged kids are cramming in their last minute vacations, it was absolutely beautiful out today and no doubt a lot of people were fishing. Although my lovely bride would agree that it was a tad bit cool. If it's not 80+ degrees out she's ready to scrape the windshield on the car in the morning. I still love her though and I get to keep her warm year round.
The musky bite is still going strong. Musky guide Scott is using 18-20 inch suckers to nab those big beasts. Heck I can't even catch fish as big as the bait he uses. I'm glad he buys those from us. (smiley face).
Bonus antlerless permits went on sale today for the deer season. We had a couple of guys in but I really thought we'd be a lot busier with those. Perhaps tomorrow.
Quittin' time. 14 hours is long enough for the captain of this ship.
Have a great night. Stay warm, God Bless and....Fish Your Buns Off!! (tomorrow)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm sitting amongst a pile of sawdust and cutoff boards as a result of our little remodeling project yesterday. The new beer cooler is in place next to the worm fridge and quietly awaits the delivery of our first beer order tomorrow. Beer at a bait shop? We're thinking it'll be good for biz.
The weather is great if you're a duck. I walked over here this morning at 6a.m. in the rain and I'll probably walk back in it at 6p.m. With the lake levels at what they're at I'm not hearing to many people complain. Except maybe the guys down at the prop repair shop. They love it when there's a drought. We can expect more of the same tomorrow but the weekend looks quite promising. After this front moves through the fishing should be very good.
The Sucker remains at large much to the dismay of our local Musky guides. The heat last week really took its toll on their favorite bait at this time of year. I've also got some unhappy customers that are without their favorite walleye or northern morsels. There's definitley something wrong when sports are leaving our store with empty minnow buckets. Maybe next week.
Back to the shop vac!
Stay dry, God Bless and ...Fish Your Buns Off!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everyone can blame me for the cooler weather ahead. I installed our air conditioner in the bait shop yesterday. I more wanted to get it off of the floor and out of my way than actually use it but our customers will appreciate it I'm sure.
19" smallie was dropped off yesterday. Nice catch for sure. It seems that the young lad that caught it couldn't take it back to the cities with him and the fish had swallowed the hook and died. When I came to the shop and saw it in the bucket outside the door it was like someone had abandoned a pet. The local taxidermist is going to pick it up from my freezer. It will be a fine addition to our decor.
Bonus antlerless tags are on sale now. Definitely a sign that summer's end draws near. We've already had hunters in to get their share.
The local buzz is that there seems to be some dissension among the ranks down at the new grocery store. We also heard that it's possible they will be getting out of the bait business. We wish them luck down there but we'll be anticipating an outcome. I only like good gossip when it will benefit us.
Have a great day, God Bless and......Fish Your Buns Off!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The crappies and muskies are hittin' so if you're thinking of coming up fishing, now would be a good time. When you're here make sure you head over to The Beechmoor Lounge on Whitefish Lake. Sit out on the deck that overlooks the lake and have Darlene's Reuben sandwich. YUM! We did that last night after a long weekend of selling worms and such. It's so relaxing.
After the much needed rain yesterday it looks like today is going to be another wonderful day in paradise. Sunny and a high in the lower 80's I believe. Although, the warm temps are having an affect on the sucker population as far as bait is concerned which doesn't sit well with the customers. Looks like we'll be without any Walleye, Northern or Musky suckers again. My customers tell me to look for another supplier but I think it's the same all over the area. We were able to scrounge up another batch of leeches but the supply is dwindling there too. Better get them while you can.
Have a great day, God Bless and.....Fish Your Buns Off!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So a couple of guys sitting at a local bar were over heard complaining about how the guy that owns the new bait shop needs to sort his leeches. What didn't these guys understand about the sign that hangs above the leech tank that explains the leeches are a large and medium mix? Not to mention that I let anyone who is buying leeches know that it's at the end of the season for leeches and this is how they are being sold. It rubs me the wrong way when there's people out there that are basically accusing you of trying to cheat them or sell them something that's not what you say it is and telling others about it. Oh well. We're so thankful for the wonderful customers that we do have and they know that we're running an honest business here.
The fish bite is still quite active with all aspects of bait being productive. It's a rainy day today but we are all welcoming the badly needed moisture.
We're really looking forward to expanding the store and adding the line of beer and provisions next week. Let's hope we can get our SBA loan. Watch for our web site and online store coming soon.
Have a great day and....Fish Your Buns Off!!