Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Everyone can blame me for the cooler weather ahead. I installed our air conditioner in the bait shop yesterday. I more wanted to get it off of the floor and out of my way than actually use it but our customers will appreciate it I'm sure.
19" smallie was dropped off yesterday. Nice catch for sure. It seems that the young lad that caught it couldn't take it back to the cities with him and the fish had swallowed the hook and died. When I came to the shop and saw it in the bucket outside the door it was like someone had abandoned a pet. The local taxidermist is going to pick it up from my freezer. It will be a fine addition to our decor.
Bonus antlerless tags are on sale now. Definitely a sign that summer's end draws near. We've already had hunters in to get their share.
The local buzz is that there seems to be some dissension among the ranks down at the new grocery store. We also heard that it's possible they will be getting out of the bait business. We wish them luck down there but we'll be anticipating an outcome. I only like good gossip when it will benefit us.
Have a great day, God Bless and......Fish Your Buns Off!!

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