Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello again. We had a very busy summer. Thanks to you all. You know who you are. There's been a lot of changes around here so admittedly the blogging has not only fallen by the wayside it fell off the earth. We're back to catch you up. I still don't have my own computer so I have to steal my wife's when she goes to work. She doesn't like it when I bring it to the bait shop and I guess I don't blame her. Sometimes it gets confused as to where it is.
We now have a new archery pro shop up and running along with the recent addition of a small selection of ammunition. After all it is hunting season and we are trying to get a piece of that action around here to help stay afloat. That's getting increasingly difficult these days what with the economy and all. But God willing we'll make it. Some customers would be nice too.
It's with a heavy heart that I say it's time for our beloved chocolate lab Mousse to be relieved of his pain and suffering. Earlier this summer he was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor behind his right front leg and it's noticeably bothering him now. My daughter Ellen and I will most likely take him to the vet on Thurs. (11/18/10) to get "the shot" and then bring him home to his final resting place out back in the corner of the field. You will be sadly missed by all my old friend. Just think of all those deer and squirrels you'll get to chase around in animal heaven.
Take care everyone.
God bless your buns off!!

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