Monday, November 29, 2010

A Full Service Shop

Well another turkey day in the can! Can't wait for next year! Business is still very slow. I got kind of excited today when I actually had two cars come in the drive and I went running (fast walk) over to the shop and was greeted by a local regular type customer that needed about 6 crappie minnows. I asked him if he was limited to the amount of time he had for angling given the fact that he only wanted a 1/2 dozen of the little swimmers and then he informed me that he just needed to feed his Oscar. Oh, OK. I guess I'll need to expand my price list to include half dozens. The next customer was a pleasant lady that was searching the store and finally asked if I had any waxies. I replied in the affirmative and got them for her and it was then that I asked the all too familiar question, "So are you having any luck out there?", only to be answered with, "Oh these aren't for that. My daughter has a salamander and it eats waxies." Oh, OK.
Have fun doing whatever it is you do in the great outdoors. Even if it's indoors and includes things living in aquariums.
Take care. God bless and...........Don't Forget To Feed Your Pets!

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