Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The back room is almost cleaned up so we can get ready for the ice fishing season. I'm pleased with how God is keeping it cold out there so we can have early ice. That should help with the coffers. Fresh bait arrives this afternoon as does my brother and his guest. I suppose I'll open up the shop in the morning just in case people might need something for hunting seeing as how most everyone will have the day off of work.
I'm sure there won't be much opportunity to blog tomorrow so I'd like to say now that I sincerely hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are able to be with as many loved ones as is possible and you cherish your time together. I know I will! Anne is home from college and Jack arrives sometime this evening. I have soooo much to be thankful for that it puts a big lump in my throat. Thank you my Lord for everything past, present and future.
God bless everyone, keep warm and.......Eat Your Buns Off!!! (figuratively speaking) :).

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  1. J.C. Man--

    I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We did too! Over a period of one week, we saw everybody in the family. I ate four Turkey dinners, two ham dinners, and a couple of restaurant meals. Here it is Sunday morning, and the Minnesota clan just left Lincoln.

    Say "hi" to everyone. Maybe I can make a spring fishing trip to Stone Lake Bait!

    God bless--