Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're Baaack!! Finally got the hold hardware up and running again. Had to sell enough minnows to get back online here so hopefully we'll be able to do some regular posting.
Things are changing here at Stone Lake Bait and Tackle. We've closed up the paintball field (sad face) because Jack has moved to New Richmond and is persuing a career in the tatooing field. I'm pretty sure I just heard what could be described as our deceased loved ones rolling over. Anyone who knows "The Buds" though can rest assured that he's still the same great kid, tatoos or not. Anyway, the paintball field will be transformed into an archery range this summer and we'll be starting with 3-5 shooting lanes. We'll add more as the funds permit us to. We'll also be adding a 3D shooting course in the woods out back. We are really excited to add this to the offerings here along with our fleet (1) of rental boat. We'll be adding more of those too if it turns out to be popular.
We've added a clothing line called Reel Women Fish. It's mainly tee shirts and sweatshirts with some kids and baby clothing too. We want there to be something for everyone here.
It's been a good winter. Hard to believe that it's our second ice fishing season. New customers continue to find us here tucked away from the main drag. The local support and word of mouth has been great. Thanks to all!
There's only a couple of weeks left before walleye and northern season shuts down although you can still panfish all year long. Things will start to get pretty quiet and we may close for a week or so later in March. It would work out well because Jenal and I might be doing a road trip to Florida to deliver a load of stuff from the paintball operation. One of America's finest just returned from Iraq and has expressed some interest in starting up his own field and wants to buy what we don't need anymore. We're anxious to get that firmed up.
Well that should bring y'all up to date to what's happening here. Check out our new website at .
Take care. God bless and.......Fish Your Buns Off!

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  1. It's nice that you are always adding new things! (Like the deer feed, and soon to have fishermen's soap.) It makes it exciting for folks to stop in and see what's been added. Keep up the good work!