Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I just love it when people come in here and tell me that the grocery store sells bait for less while they dig through their wallets for some cash. Seems like kind of a stupid thing to say. Why aren't they standing at the check out lane down at the grocery store saying the baits more expensive at the bait shop? Hmmm. I don't mind though. At least they are here and not there.
12 days and counting until the end of game fish season '09-10. It'll probably be like a morgue around here until the ice is off. Good time to do some serious housekeeping and give the aerators a little break. We'll be shutting this operation down from the 24Th of March until the 7Th of April to do a road trip to Florida. We're looking forward to some camping and hooking up with old chums and my dear mother-in-law and to unload the remainder of our paintball equipment.
By the sound of things the crappies are starting to loosen up and get more aggressive. They're still preferring the abyss and just sit down there waiting for you to come to them, as opposed to hanging around just under the ice. Once you get there though you'll be well rewarded. Just stick a crappie minnow on that jig and send 'er down. Walleyes are deep now too. They're down to 30 feet and about a foot off the bottom. Shiners and suckers are working well as they have all season.
The Minnesota anglers are aplenty this time of year and what a welcome sight they are. I'm hearing that they can't get any shiners there now. I'm thinking it's because of the VHS disease that some areas are experiencing. We've got plenty of shiners here and those guys are liking it.
So whether you're from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois or anywhere come on up to Stone Lake and stop in and see us. Have a safe drive.
Take care, God bless and ......Fish Your Buns Off!

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  1. Hey Carlton! It's cuz they love coming into "your" bait store!